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MeetShareDance  in Austin on November 11th through the 13th 2022

MeetShareDance is a small immersive participatory international event, where dance teachers/choreographers and other participants with and without disabilities exchange their knowledge on inclusive dance. This festival has been organized nine times in seven different European countries so far and it aims to create an international dance network.

Artist-Teachers are Monika Požek (Madrid, Spain), Eric Kupers (San Francisco, CA), Nina Martin (Marfa, TX), and Amy Morrow (Austin, TX).

Schedule of the festival:

Friday 11th of November

5-7 pm Workshop with Monika Pozék at UT Austin Dance Department

7.30pm Fall for Dance / UT Dance students fall performance


Saturday the 12th of November

10-12pm workshop with Amy Morrow

1-1.30pm lunch

1:30pm-3:15pm Workshop with Nina Martin

Then 15min break

3:30pm – 5:15pm workshop with Eric Kupers

Sunday the 13th of November

11-12.30pm warm-up

1pm Street Parade

Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/meetsharedance-festival-tickets-433831059377



MONIKA POZEK / MeetShareDance (Spain/Slovenia)


Choreographer, teacher, and founder of the MeetShareDance Association in Madrid. Monika has long experience leading artistic and educational projects that have to do with the performing arts, contemporary dance, different bodies, untrained dancers, and accessibility. Her field of work is constantly changing, intertwining sectors, and using digital innovation as another performing arts language. Since 2012 she organizes the international dance festival that already has 9 editions in 7 different countries. In 2018 she created the MSD Dance Company and began with her own productions and international collaborations. To date, the Company has different productions that cover all types of audiences and formats. 

We are going to explore the moment, the movement, and the rhythm of our own bodies. We will use movement, silence, and sound to inspire improvised movement and set tasks to develop a range of solo, duet and group work. How can a group of dancers affect each other’s movements – always listening to the other, anticipating the next move, leading, following, and responding?


AMY DIANE MORROW / Theorist Toolbox (Austin, TX)

 Director of AM Arts. Morrow served on staff for The American Dance Festival 2009/11. She was a Communications Specialist for The Barnabas Agency 2011-14, consulting clients such as Malcolm Gladwell, and NYC Leadership Center. As Manager for Idan Sharabi Dance, she coordinated tours across five continents from 2014-2017. AM Arts co-hosted screenings for the award-winning documentary, Mr. Gaga across The US and México including The North American Premiere at SXSW. Currently, AM Arts produces Country Music Hall of Fame, Bob Livingston, edits short films for Lionic LLC, and consults independent artists. In 2018, Morrow successfully launched Theorist Practicum, an artistic exchange program for artistic ambassadors from Texas, México, Canada, and Israel to train, collaborate, perform, and tour cross-boarders.

We play with many theories in action. What if? Come experiment with pleasure, resiliency, and compassion through our bodies as our teacher. We are guided through a shared somatic practice with Amy Morrow using tools from 12 years teaching Gaga, and deep research in fighting monkey,  qi cultivation, Feldenkrais, with inspiration from Jesse Zaritt, Deborah Hay, Kira Blazek, Jason Akira Somma, and most importantly, each other.

Participants are encouraged to bring paper and writing utensil of choice. Writing and drawing are encouraged as an entry to our dance practice and our dance as an entry to writing and drawing.


NINA MARTIN / Lower Left (Marfa, TX)

Nina Martin, MFA, PhD: choreographer, pedagogue, dance theorist and performer.  Centered in the phenomena of perception, composition and spontaneous movement states, her research springs from 40 years of embodied research and applied dance. Martin’s dance systems: Ensemble Thinking and ReWire Movement States complement her practice in Contact Improvisation. Martin is an artist member of the Lower Left Performance Collective where cooperative inquiry is valued: www.lowerleft.org . Presently she conducts research with the Body Shift company in Austin examining the efficacy of ReWire practice for members living with Cerebral Palsy. She is a Professor of Dance Studies at TCU School of Classical & Contemporary Dance and board president of Marfa Live Arts, which hosts in Far West Texas the March 2 Marfa Performance Lab and Dance Ranch Marfa performance labs. ReWire Movement States and Ensemble Thinking are dance systems initially conceived by Nina Martin and taught internationally. www.nina.martin.org. In her teaching and performance research she has shared her work in Europe, Asia, Canada, South America and has served on the faculties of UCLA’s Department of World Art and Cultures and New York University’s Experimental Theatre Wing as well as guesting at colleges and universities across the states.

Ensemble Thinking, an improvisational, perceptual choreographic practice that facilitates the dancer in cultivating an appreciation for the dramatic use of space and time as well as group awareness and co-operatively composed in-the-moment choreography. ET finds application for a wide range of groups in business, the arts, and education.



ERIC KUPERS / Dandelion Dance Theater 

 I am an interdisciplinary teaching artist, focusing primarily on the intersections of inclusive dance, music, storytelling, community ritual, and spiritual practice. I am a grateful visitor on the territories of the Yrgin/Chochenyo/Ohlone & Southern Pomo peoples in Northern California. My people are Ashkenazi Jews that came to Turtle Island from Russia, Ukraine, and Eastern Europe in the early 1900’s. And in the words of my teacher Ram Dass, “I’m only Jewish on my parents’ side.” I am also of the Walks-Between people, including Queer folks, Artists, Activists, Outsiders, Rebels, Mystics, Wizards, Witches, Healers, Visionaries, Weirdos, Queerdos, and Divergent people from throughout human history. I am a professor and department chair for Theatre and Dance at CSU East Bay, a co-founder and co-director of Dandelion Dancetheater, and create art with Dandelion, Bandelion, Mandolion, the CSUEB Inclusive Interdisciplinary Ensemble, Ultrasonic Current, the Wandering Ensemble, and a diverse, intersecting web of artists. 

Everything We Need is Right Here

In this workshop, we will view the learning and rehearsal process as a performance in itself, and try on the view of regarding all performances as rehearsal practices. We will move and create soundscapes together, and in this short time create a performance score intended to celebrate all of who we are individually and as a group, assuming that each person has specific needs and each person has specific gifts to offer, and that through the sharing of our needs and gifts we tap into a magical process, that for lack of a better word we call creativity. We will perform for each other and all the beings that have gathered around us, and we will plan how to turn whatever we create into a living, breathing performance score for Sunday’s site-specific performances.


November 11, 2022
November 13, 2022
$25 – $45
Art Spark Texas
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