We are Art Spark Dance

Building A Community Where Everyone is Dancing

Who We Are

We believe that everyone can dance.

Art Spark Dance is a program of Art Spark Texas, a Texas-based nonprofit that challenges perceptions of how people contribute to society by creating an arts-inspired, inclusive community of individuals with and without diverse disabilities. We aim to create safe dance spaces for anyone who has been affected by an inaccessible society. Co-founded by VSA Texas and Forklift Danceworks, now with full support from Art Spark Texas, and our partnership with DanceAbility International we continue to expand our reach into the central Texas community and beyond. 

A group of art people pose on a red carpet at a SXSW event

What We Do


-We Advocate

We create opportunities for individuals with and without disabilities in central Texas to participate in dance by championing for inclusion and accessibility in the field of dance.


-We Build Networks

We connect like-minded movers, dancers, and educators interested in the field of inclusive dance.


-We Empower

We believe that everyone can dance. We provide the tools you will need to feel confident and comfortable while dancing.


-We Educate

We redefine dance and disability through classes, lectures, and performances. Inclusion and accessibility are at the forefront of everything we do. 


-We Research

We write reports in collaboration with dance educators on the future of inclusive dance. We hope to inspire increased awareness of individuals with diverse abilities in the field of dance.


-We Engage

We offer a variety of free to low-cost classes inclusive to individuals of all abilities and skill levels for ages 16 and up. 


Absolutely the best organization for artists with disabilities. These people give their heart and soul into helping others and it makes you want to do the same. They have helped me so much and gave me hope. 

Art Spark Texas helps people with disabilities gain skills, build confidence, and help their art get recognized for everyone to enjoy.

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Tremendous thanks go to the talented photographers behind the incredible photos on our website: Camille Wheeler, Pat Berrett, Boye Nagle, Silva Laukkanen, and James Wilkus.